Guess Who? Monster Description Task


 As my new class settles I’m getting to know them better, and vice versa. On the first day of school I like to remind the boys and girls in my class that we come to school to learn. That we are not supposed to know all the answers or get everything right straight away, it takes time and practice. I conclude with ” I really like, no love to see mistakes, they make me happy”.Cue the confused looks and glimmers of hope. I then explain that when I see a mistake it shows me that they are trying their very best, and that that is what makes a great student. It takes a while for my five and six year olds to feel comfortable with making their mistakes and knowing that it is ok.nobody's perfect

This school year I am starting to notice their confidence appear little by little. Hooray! This week I had two children switch from being afraid to write in case what they wrote was wrong, to writing three lines, all sounded out by themselves. Spelling mistakes all over the place but I loved it. They were trying and going straight for the finish line.

Yesterday we introduced description tasks using connectives. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and so did the I.

Introducing Monster Guess Who? This lesson was made by my very talented parallel teacher Ms. Lucy, and I just had to share it with you all.

First, the children were given their Guess Who? sheet.This was a great warm up activity for the children to practice their describing words/ adjectives in a relaxed setting. They used their folders as a protector so the other children could not see which monster they had chosen and the games began.

Next, I enlarged two monsters on the whiteboard and we brainstormed our ideas as a class together.

I modelled how to write the sentences and set them on their task in pairs.

Here is an example of the worksheets handed out.




This lesson was a great introduction to description writing and using connectives. The children became involved from the very beginning, even the ones who find writing tasks a bit overwhelming were excited to start. It really helped them enjoy the writing process and have some fun with silly sentences.

Those who finished early were given the opportunity to play Guess Who?, Boggle or act as helpers to those who were almost finished.

I hope this helps with any future writing tasks you may plan.This lesson can be altered and changed to your own personal taste.

Happy Teaching!

Múinteoir Amy


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