Time Detectives

This term my class will become ‘Time Detectives’. Learning all about the past, the children will discover skills they never knew they had. This project focuses more on history, however it integrates well with science, art , drama and geography. Time Detectives is quite exciting for the children as their new found skills will lead them to discover clues from the past. They must use these clues and place them in the correct order to uncover their history. Important events such as ‘The First Moon Landing’ and ‘The Wright Brothers’ are included in our plans.

The children are thoroughly enjoying this project and have had the opportunity to visit ‘Les Coves Del Toll’. This was an amazing prehistoric day out. The children were brought back in time where they discovered prehistoric caves, experienced the life of a prehistoric man and created neolithic objects, which they got to take home. It was definitely a day to remember.

Here are some photos of our class archaeological dig activity and excursion to ‘Coves Del Toll’.

” the voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes ”

Marcel Proust




Exploring Caves



Neolithic Painting



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