Never Overlook the Importance of Colour


“imagination and creativity can change the world…and your classroom!”


When it comes to my classroom, I like to take my time. I do not rush, and I most certainly do not take notice of other teachers that finish before me. This is something I would like to credit my cousin Trina for. Over a cup of tea we got to chatting, and told me how she had read an article about the impact colours can have on children, and the importance of choosing the rights colours for different purposes.

So, as you do, I launched my google engine, and searched “the importance of colours in the classroom”.

Screenshot 2016-05-16 22.49.34

She was right! Use of colour can have a significant impact on emotion, which in turn can influence their productivity, communication and learning. State of minds such as calm, relaxed and happiness come from colours such as light blues, greens and yellows.

They say overstimulation can be caused by colours such as red and oranges, so be sure to stay away from them if it can be helped. After reading this  article I wanted to get started straight away.

Colour lightbulb (1)

My creative lightbulb moment 😀


In the days that followed I spent a few more hours researching and sought out inspiration for my new classroom. You would be surprised how long creating your ideal classroom takes! I was lucky as I had a about a week before the kids came back, so I went into full swing with the laminator and scissors.


With a bit of time and a lot of patience, voila.

Here is a  quick view of some of my efforts to date since then. My aim is to create a positive and effective learning space.

I went for calming colours for the display paper, and livened it up with the boarders and decorative images. I have to credit pinterest for introducing me to an incredible amount of talented teachers, their awesome ideas and blogs. It really helped me to  find new inspiration, which in turn lead to creating my own displays.

Knowing how important colours in the classroom are, I will definitely continue to use this knowledge when creating different displays. I really hope that you will too 🙂

Happy Teaching

Múinteoir Amy









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