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Woo hoo! Finally, it’s ready. Here in Spain the children don’t start back until the 14th of September, and with all the preparations, organising and meetings, it’s been a hectic two weeks. Seo dhuit, a view into my classroom. As I don’t want to overwhelm my little ones I haven’t gone overboard with posters and decoration. I plan on putting up the relevant posters as the school year goes on. Let’s do this!

Focus Wall


I got this idea from Pinterest and absolutely love it! It’s fantastic to keep the class focused on weekly objectives, and have a constant visual aid throughout the week. As I love polka dot, and didn’t have a polka dot boarder at hand, I created my own using a plain green boarder and adding pink circle stickers. I also discovered “doubling up” and chose a ribbed effect boarder for the outer layer. This is my display raw, as the children have yet too arrive, however I will add to it once they do.

 Work To “BEE” Proud Of wall

This wall will be the home of work that I feel deserves recognition. It will act as a great incentive for those who work at a higher level and for those who work at a lower level too. I had a wall like this last year and it really made a difference, especially where presentation was concerned. I find a wall like this to be great confidence booster for those lacking in self-confidence.

Monster Maths

This Math wall is actually double in length. I have kept the right side blank to accommodate the strand and strand unit being taught at any given time. Next week we will be learning about measures and length and I have a large space to display key words and posters that link to this strand. For now, I have an interactive wall. Each day a table will be chosen to work with the wall and ensure the information is up to date.


At the school I teach, they introduced project Based Learning last year through programme. This new project has proven very successful, and as a result, the school has decided to continue with this effective method. This term, myself and my parallel teacher, will focus on the unit “Time Detectives”. In this unit we will be focusing mainly on History, however it integrates with English, Art, Geography, Science, Math, Drama, ICT and Music very well. The idea is to make learning more interesting and fun, with a hands on approach to all lessons. This unit will run for 4-5 weeks and we will switch to “The Senses” unit.


For my early finishers, this wall will provide a fun and practical way of keeping them entertained. I have other options available too, however this is their first stop. I have hidden some of their spellings and tricky words to find. They will have 1 minute to find as many words as possible. They love it!

Reading Corner

I am delighted to have a reading corner this year where they can sit down and relax while reading. I still have to add my cushions and bean chair, but you get the main idea. As I love Dr. Seuss it was inevitable that my reading corner would be related to his stories. Lol, my attempt of creating his infamous hat could have been better, but I am delighted with the result. It also doubles as an area for my wonderful assistant to read with them on a one to one basis, three times a week.

Wall Of Fame


 This wall is actually outside my classroom door. It is shared between 1st and 2nd class. We use this wall  to showcase the winning planets and playground monitors each week. I will go into more detail in a later post.


This is a separate numeracy display I created in 2014. I borrowed this idea from pinterest.


 I can write a …



 This wall was perfect to display literacy work throughout the year. I stuck cute pegs that I bought in ALE HOP to the wall. This made for a quick and easy display space. I have seen these pegs in Tiger also.

Now this is a great idea for classroom management. Miss Aisling’s “We Are Out Of This World” wall tracks the behaviour and efforts of the class. Each child has their very own astronaut, which moves up when they show kindness, trying their best or being a good listener.

This Week Wall.

Another fabulous wall by Miss Aisling. Her “This week…” wall tracks the number of days in school, shows their timetable visually, recognises a country of the week and world news. It’s a great interactive wall for the children to keep up to date and monitor. They take pride in the responsibility and enjoy the role of weekly reporter.

Hope you can take away some ideas:)

Múinteoir Amy


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